Jingle All The Way Supply List and Schedule

Jingle All The Way Supply List and Schedule

Jingle All The Way Supply List and Schedule

I hope you’re getting excited for our Jingle All The Way Stitch Along, because I know I sure am! There’s a lot of great information in this previous post (especially if you’re interested in purchasing a supply kit) so you’ll probably want to go check that out. Click the link below to see it:

Lolli and Grace Jingle All The Way Stitch Along

There are two important pieces of information for you below…a supply list and dates for the stitch along. First up, let’s talk about the schedule.

Jingle All The Way Stitch Along Schedule

• There will be THREE parts to this stitch along.

• The stitch along will start on Saturday, December 4th, 2021.

• After the start date, there will be a new part published on the next Wednesday, and then again on the next Saturday. So here’s what the schedule looks like:

Part One – Saturday, December 4th.

Part Two – Wednesday, December 8th.

Part Three – Saturday, December 11th.

Remember – once they’ve been published, all three parts will stay on the blog for the duration of the Stitch Along and for a short while after it finishes. So if you don’t finish your hoop while the SAL is running, that’s OK! At some point after the SAL is over, I will remove everything from the blog and it will all be available in the Lolli and Grace Etsy shop. Therefore, if it’s going to be a while before you’re able to finish it, you are welcome to print out the instructions and patterns for your personal use later.

Supply List

Want to purchase a supply kit instead of gathering your own supplies? I got you covered! Click on this link to get one:

Jingle All The Way Supply Kit

If you are not purchasing a supply kit, here are the supplies you will need to complete this hoop. All of the supplies that are highlighted are an active link that you can click on to see that product:

8” embroidery hoop

• Cotton twill tape (optional – for wrapping your hoop to keep fabric tight)

1/3 yard teal fabric

White graphite paper

• Ball-point pen (any inexpensive ball-point pen will suffice, color doesn’t matter)

•White gel pen

Size 24 chenille needle

Size 20 chenille needle

Wool felt from Benzie Design (color “Ochre”)

Avery 8-1/2″ x 11″ label paper

DMC 6-stranded cotton embroidery thread
• 310 Black

• 321 Red

• 434 Brown Light (can substitute 780 Ultra Very Dark)

• 725 Topaz

• 727 Topaz Very Light

• 906 Parrot Green Medium

• 909 Emerald Green Very Dark

• 943 Aquamarine Medium (can substitute 3812 Seagreen Very Dark)

• 959 Seagreen Medium (can substitute 3851 Bright Green Light)

• 3852 Straw Very Dark

Hot Pink Yarn

8mm wooden beads with a (relatively) large hole

9″ square of felt for hoop backing

It’s not long now until we start stitching – I hope you’re as excited as I am!

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