Lolli and Grace Jingle All The Way Stitch Along - Part One

Lolli and Grace Jingle All The Way Stitch Along - Part One

Lolli and Grace Jingle All The Way Stitch Along - Part One

Today’s the day, so we can finally start stitching our Jingle All The Way hoop!

If you want to read a detailed explanation of how this SAL works, check out this blog post:

Lolli and Grace Jingle All The Way Stitch Along

If you would like to purchase a complete supply kit for this design, click HERE:

Jingle All The Way Supply Kit

If you need the schedule of dates for this stitch along, you can find all of that in the previous blog post HERE:

Jingle All The Way Supply List and Schedule

In Part One we will learn how to transfer the pattern to the teal fabric and then stitch some beautiful, satiny holly leaves and cute little leafy sprigs! (If you purchased a supply kit, you can skip the step for transferring the pattern, since your kit comes with the design pre-printed onto the fabric.)

Video Tutorial

At the bottom of every one of these Stitch Along posts there will be a link for the video tutorial that corresponds to each part. Even though there will be complete written instructions here on each blog post, be sure to watch the video tutorials all the way through, because there’s a lot more great information packed into each video than I can write about in these posts.

Download The Pattern

-Click on the link below to download the pattern for the hoop design. Print the hoop pattern onto regular copy paper. Make sure that you set your printer to print at 100% for the size. (You don’t want it to “fit to page” or something similar – the pattern needs to be printed at 100%.)

Here’s a helpful tip – print the hoop design pattern in a color other than black. (I printed mine in red.) That way, when you are tracing the design later with a ball point pen you can easily see the areas you’ve traced and where you have not traced.

Click here to open the hoop design pattern in a new tab.

Transferring The Pattern To The Fabric

-Stretch the teal fabric in the hoop and flip the hoop so the fabric is flat against your work surface. Cut a circle of white graphite paper that fits inside the hoop and place it on your fabric so the graphite side is facing DOWN. Print the pattern, cut it out on the dotted line, and place it on top of the graphite paper with the design facing up. Tape the pattern in place around the edge of the hoop.

-Use a ball point pen to trace over the printed pattern lines. Press firmly so the graphite lines are transferred to your fabric. Remove the pattern and graphite paper.

-Trace over the pattern lines with a white gel pen so the lines are easier to see. You can leave the fabric in the hoop as it is or flip the hoop over and re-stretch the fabric so you’re working on the “top” of the hoop rather than “in the well.”

Separating Strands Of Thread

When separating your thread, it is best to use a method called “stripping.” Stripping allows the threads to line up smoothly when you stitch, and is especially important for the satin stitching in Part One and the technique for the berries in Part Three.

Stripping consists of gently pulling one strand up and out of your cut length of thread as you hold the remaining strands loosely with your other fingers. The strand should glide out smoothly without leaving a tangle in the other threads.

Embroidery Stitches For Part One

Color Chart

Stitching The Holly Leaves And Leafy Sprigs

-Use 3 strands of thread to fill each section of the holly leaves with parallel satin stitching. (See the color chart above for specific color placement.)

-Outline the holly leaves with 3 strands of DMC #909 and split back stitching. Do the same for the center vein of the leaf.

-Use 3 strands of thread and a fly stitch to complete each of the leafy sprigs.

Video Tutorial For Part One

Join Us For Part Two

You won’t want to miss Part Two, since we will be stitching those shiny bells!

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