Lolli and Grace Jingle All The Way Stitch Along - Part Three

Lolli and Grace Jingle All The Way Stitch Along - Part Three

Lolli and Grace Jingle All The Way Stitch Along - Part Three

Time to finish up our holiday hoop by stitching those bright pink letters and making some shiny berries!

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Embroidery Stitches For Part Three


-All of the words except for “the” are stitched by couching the medium weight pink yarn (this will be the surface thread) with 2 strands of DMC #321 (the couching thread).

-Use the #20 chenille needle for the yarn and the #24 chenille needle for the 2 strands of DMC.

-When possible, divide the couched sections on each word by determining the logical points where a section of the line ends/begins. (For instance, the “J” is one section, the “i” is another section, the “n” is one section, the “g” is one section, and the “le” is one section.)

-To determine how much yarn to cut for each individual section, lay the yarn roughly over the letter(s) you will be stitching. Add about 6”-8” to that and cut the yarn that length.

-To keep the yarn from getting fuzzy, avoid pulling long lengths of yarn through your fabric. To do this, put the end of your yarn on the #20 needle and only pull a short length through the fabric. On the back side of the hoop, remove the needle and tie a knot in the end of the yarn against the fabric.

-Couch the letter(s) for a section, then pull the remainder of the yarn to the back as usual and tie knot against the fabric. Trim the yarn. Repeat for each section of each word.

-Use 3 strands of DMC #321 and a split back stitch for the word “the.”

Holly Berries

-Cut a piece of DMC #321 that is 20” long. Strip the strands and put all 6 strands onto the #24 chenille needle.

-Pull the thread through an 8mm wooden bead, leaving a 5” tail.

-Wrap the thread around the bead and then insert the needle back through the hole, making sure all 6 strands of thread are pulled tightly and lay smoothly against the bead. Wrap the thread around again and pull the needle through the hole, making sure each wrap sits NEXT TO (not on top of) the previous wrap. Continue wrapping the thread around the bead until it is completely covered. (It should take about 12 wraps around to fully cover the bead.)

-Smooth all 6 strands down the bead again, and then insert the needle near where the 5” tail is and pull the threads through to anchor them at the bottom. Remove the needle so that you now have 2 tails of thread on each bead. Make 9 berries.

-To attach each berry, thread one of the tails onto your needle and put the needle through the fabric where you want to place the berry.

-Remove the needle from that tail and do the same thing with the 2nd tail on the berry. Repeat for all the berries.

-On the back of the hoop (for each group of three berries) tie one tail on one berry to one tail from the berry next to it. Repeat for all the tails, making sure these knots are snug against the fabric so the berries aren’t loose on the front of the fabric. Trim the tails. Repeat for the other two groups of berries.

-If a berry is wobbly, you can run one small stitch through the threads near the bottom of the the bead and pull it tight against the fabric.

Finishing The Hoop

-You can leave your finished work in the hoop that is wrapped with twill tape, or you can transfer it to an unwrapped hoop for display if you want to reuse the wrapped hoop on your next project.

-Thread a long length of DMC floss on your needle and sew a running stitch around the edge of the excess fabric. Pull the thread tightly to gather the fabric towards the center. Knot the thread securely.

-Lay the hoop on the backing felt and trace around it. Cut ⅛” INSIDE your traced line, so the felt is just slightly smaller than the outside edge of the wooden hoop. You can either glue the edge of the felt circle to the hoop or you can stitch it by hand to the fabric you gathered.

Video Tutorial For Part Three

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