Lolli and Grace One Meaningful Word #6 Stitch Along - The Info You Need To Know

Lolli and Grace One Meaningful Word #6 Stitch Along - The Info You Need To Know

Lolli and Grace One Meaningful Word #6 Stitch Along - The Info You Need To Know

Yes indeed, it is finally time for me to tell you all about this year's One Meaningful Word Stitch Along! This design is rich, colorful, and contains all things mushroom-y and fern-ish (with some sparkles thrown in there for good measure, of course).

Lolli and Grace One Meaningful Word 6 detail photograph

If this is your first time to stitch along with us, welcome! If you're a returning stitcher, hello again - I'm so glad you're here. This SAL will be very similar to our previous stitch alongs, but please read through all of the information below about how it all works, because there are few things that are a bit different.

General Information

• This Stitch Along is free. Yes, FREE! During the dates of the SAL (which starts on Wednesday, May 4th) the supply list, patterns, instructions, photos and links to extensive video tutorials for each part will all be posted here on the blog.

• A short time after the SAL is finished, all of that info will be taken off the blog and moved to my shop, where you'll be able to purchase the complete PDF pattern or the supply kits.

• There will be 4 parts to this stitch along. Each part will have complete instructions, photos, and a link to a video tutorial on the Lolli and Grace YouTube channel.

• In just a day or two there will be a complete supply list available right here on the blog if you want to get all of your supplies ready to go beforehand.

• However, if you don't want to purchase each individual component on your own, complete supply kits are available in the Lolli and Grace shop. And good news - these kits are ready-to-ship, right now! Usually I do pre-orders first, but I know everyone's been waiting for this, so I didn't want to make you wait any longer than necessary.  However, these kits often sell out faster than I can keep them in stock, but I really, really try to make sure everyone who wants one gets one. So if you think want a supply kit, don't wait too long! Click the link below to get one:

Lolli and Grace One Meaningful Word #6 Supply Kit

• The kits are priced at a “Stitch Along Only” lower price, and they will stay at that price throughout the duration of the Stitch Along. They will continue to be available in the shop after the Stitch Along (subject to availability of the supplies), but the prices will increase after the Stitch Along concludes.

Stitch Along Schedule

• Part One will be published on Wednesday, May 4th.

• Part Two will be published on Saturday, May 7th.

• Part Three will be published on Saturday, May 14th.

• Part Four will be published on Saturday, May 21st.

The pattern, all of the instructions, and the video links will stay on the blog for the duration of the Stitch Along, and for a short while after it finishes. So if you don't finish your hoop while the SAL is running, THAT'S OK - DO NOT STRESS ABOUT THIS! At some point after the SAL is over, I will remove everything from the blog and it will all be available in the Lolli and Grace shop. Therefore, if it's going to be a while before you're able to finish it, you are welcome to print out the instructions and patterns for your personal use later.

If you're not already, follow me on Instagram, because I will be sharing updates and lots of photos from everyone who is participating over there. I have a very active and fun community of creative people on my Instagram, and I'd love for you to be a part of it!

Lolli and Grace on Instagram

As always, I know that's a lot of info for right now, so keep an eye out here and especially on Facebook and Instagram, because I'll be talking about this stitch along in those places as well as here on the blog.

I know that's a lot of info for now, so keep checking back here or on my Instagram or Facebook!

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