Lolli and Grace One Meaningful Word #6 Stitch Along - Part Four

Lolli and Grace One Meaningful Word #6 Stitch Along - Part Four

Lolli and Grace One Meaningful Word #6 Stitch Along - Part Four

Get ready for some fun beading in part four!

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Schedule and Supply List

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What We Will Be Doing In Part Four
In this part we will be stitching the tiny mushrooms, beading the moon and the fireflies, and applying the flower and the word box.

Stitches Used In Part Four

Stitch diagrams for the Lolli and Grace One Meaningful Word #6 stitch along.

PDF Color Chart

Click on the link below to download and print the color chart for the tiny mushrooms for easy reference:

Tiny Mushrooms PDF Color Chart

Stitching The Tiny Mushrooms

-Use the #24 chenille needle and 3 strands of thread to stitch the stems with a split back stitch.

-You will also use the #24 chenille needle for the cast-on stitches for the tiny mushrooms, because the milliners needle would result in cast-on stitches that are too large for these small shapes.

-To make these cast-on stitch rings, come up with your needle close to the top of the stem, then re-insert the needle just on the other side of the stem (less than ” away from where the thread is coming out of the fabric). 

-Add 14 loops/wraps to your needle, making sure the loops don’t twist as you are putting them on the needle. (Use the finger on your other hand to hold them in place.)

-When you pull the thread through the loops, form the cast-on stitches into a ring.

-Before tying a knot on the back of the hoop with this thread, make one small stitch that holds the top of the ring flat against the fabric.

-Add one French knot in the center of each ring, using 3 strands of thread. Wrap the needle 2 times for each knot.

Stitching The Fireflies And Moon

-Attach one chartreuse seed bead with 1 strand of DMC #704 for every “firefly.” Use the #10 short beading needle.

-You’ll attach the bugle beads for the moon with a couching technique. Come up through the fabric with 1 strand of DMC #820 on the #10 short beading needle. This will be your “surface” thread. String several bugle beads onto the thread and line them up on the fabric, pushing them together so there are no gaps between the beads. 

-Thread the #24 chenille needle with one strand of DMC #820. This will be your “couching” thread. Make one stitch between every bugle bead, couching the thread that is running through each bead. Make sure that each couching stitch sits very close to the bead so you have a smooth line of beads with no gaps.

-Continue couching lines of bugle beads until the moon shape is filled.

Attaching The Flower And Your Word

-Cut out the flower you stitched previously, leaving about ½” all the way around the edge.

-Using the 5” micro-tip detail scissors, clip perpendicular lines towards the stitched edge of the flower about every ¼" to ½". Clip everywhere there is a change of direction around the outside shape - in other words, where the line dips between petals and/or the curve at the top of a petal. DO NOT SNIP THE PINK THREAD! 

-Fold back the clipped fabric along a short span and put the flower in place on the main hoop. Use a straight pin to hold it in place. With the #24 chenille needle, use 1 strand of DMC #917 to stitch the edge of the flower to the purple fabric. Continually use your fingers or the end of the needle to tuck the white fabric under the edge as you work your way around. Remove the straight pin when you are finished attaching the flower.

-For the word, cut out the word/box you stitched on white fabric earlier, leaving exactly ¼" all the way around the edge.

-On the printed paper pattern of the word box, cut out the box directly on the lines of the box. Lay this box onto heavyweight white poster board and trace around it. Cut this shape out of the poster board.

-Lay your stitched word on the white poster board shape, lining up the lines of the box you traced onto the fabric. (You can hold it up to a bright light to see the lines through the fabric.) 

-To miter the corners of the fabric for a neat edge, fold both of the corners of the fabric at a 45-degree angle towards the back of the poster board. Use a TINY dot of white tacky glue on each side to hold the folded fabric in place.

-Now fold the pointed fabric to the back and glue it with a tiny dot of white tacky glue.

-Glue the long edges of the fabric on both sides with a small amount of tacky glue. Let this dry.

-Use the heat from a hair dryer to remove the lines of the word box around the edge.

-Attach the word to your finished hoop with a tiny stitch at each corner with 1 strand of ecru thread.

Video Tutorial - Part Four

And that's it for this year's One Meaningful Word stitch along. I hope you had a wonderful time stitching this!



  • What a fantastic SAL. Fun stitches and challenging new techniques, what more could I ask for? Thank you for this wonderful project. I finished today and I love it so much.

    Marsha on

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