One Meaningful Word #7 "Kaleidoscope" Stitch Along - Supply List and Schedule

One Meaningful Word #7 "Kaleidoscope" Stitch Along - Supply List and Schedule

One Meaningful Word #7 "Kaleidoscope" Stitch Along - Supply List and Schedule

The Kaleidoscope SAL is coming up soon, and I know you are all excited to learn more about it. There's a lot of great information in the previous blog post (especially if you're interested in purchasing a supply kit or fabric) so you'll probably want to go check that out. Supply kits sold out even faster than I anticipated, but I'm sourcing more threads right now, so I think I'll be putting more kits in the shop today or maybe tomorrow.

One Meaningful Word #7 "Kaleidscope" Information Blog Post
"Kaleidoscope" One Meaningful Word #7 Stitch Along by Lolli and Grace

In today's post there are two important details for you below...a supply list and dates for the stitch along. First, let's talk about the schedule.

"Kaleidoscope" One Meaningful Word #7 Stitch Along Schedule

• There will be EIGHT parts to this stitch along.

• The stitch along will start on Saturday, March 11th

• Part Two - Saturday, March 18th

• Part Three - Wednesday, March 22nd

• Part Four - Saturday, March 25th

• Part Five - Wednesday, March 29th

• Part Six - Saturday, April 1st

• Part Seven - Wednesday, April 5th

• Part Eight - Saturday, April 8th

Remember - once they've been published, all eight parts will stay on the blog for the duration of the Stitch Along and for a short while after it finishes. So if you don't finish your hoop while the SAL is running, don't panic! At some point after the SAL is over, I will remove everything from the blog and it will all be available in the Lolli and Grace shop. Therefore, if it's going to be a while before you're able to finish it, you are welcome to print out the instructions and patterns for your personal use later.

Supply List

Want to purchase a One Meaningful Word #7 Supply Kit that includes everything you need for this SAL instead of gathering your own supplies? I got you covered (assuming they haven't sold out). Click on the link below to get one:

One Meaningful Word #7 "Kaleidoscope" Complete Supply Kit

If you want to purchase just the pre-printed fabric panel, click this link:
One Meaningful Word #7 Pre-printed Fabric Panel

However, if you are not purchasing a supply kit or fabric panel and want to transfer the design onto your own fabric, you'll need to purchase the PDF pattern. There will be detailed instructions in the Part One video tutorial about how to do this. You can purchase the PDF pattern by clicking on the link below:
One Meaningful Word #7 "Kaleidoscope" PDF Pattern

If you are gathering all of your own supplies, here is what you will need to complete this hoop. Everything that is highlighted is an active link that you can click on to purchase that product:

• 8” embroidery hoop

• Cotton twill tape (optional but very helpful - for wrapping your hoop to keep fabric tight)

 Fat square (18" x 22") 100% cotton Kona "Graphite" fabric

White cotton fabric - about 3" x 4"

 White graphite paper

• Ball-point pen (any inexpensive ball-point pen will suffice, color doesn't matter, but a color other than black is helpful)

 White gel pen

Pigma Micron Permanent pen size 03 (05 is fine, too)

Heavyweight white poster board (3" x 4")

 #24 chenille needle

• Variegated Embroidery Floss (see details below)

• 9" square of polyester felt for hoop backing

Variegated Embroidery Thread Information

Please be sure to read all the way through this information about the thread - there is really important stuff to know in this part!

Because it is slightly more difficult to find these variegated threads, I'm giving you several options/substitutions. Please know that ANY combination of these brands/colors will be gorgeous. I'm super-picky about color, and I wouldn't recommend any thread that isn't going to look great. You can, of course, use solid-colored threads. The variegated threads just add a bit more visual interest.

All threads listed below are 6-stranded embroidery threads, regardless of brand/color.

Pink Spoke
Threadworx Overdyed Thread #10061 "Jillian's Sugar Plum"
It is very important for you to know that this Threadworx Overdyed thread IS NOT COLORFAST. If you are going to use this floss, you CANNOT wash this hoop or use a transfer method like the Sulky Stick 'n Stitch that requires you to rinse the hoop after stitching. 

If you want/need to use a colorfast thread for the pink spoke, you can substitute either of these:
DMC Color Variations #4210 "Radiant Ruby"
DMC #718 (this is a sold color, not a variegated thread, but is still a beautiful pink)

For the remaining threads, they can be purchased here:
Lecien Cosmo Seasons Variegated Threads

DMC Color Variations Threads at

Red Spoke
Lecien Cosmo Seasons #9018
DMC Color Variations #4200 "Wild Fire"
DMC #107

Orange Spoke
Lecien Cosmo Seasons #5008
DMC Color Variations #4124 "Bonfire"
DMC Color Variations #4120 "Tropical Sunset"

Yellow Spoke
Lecien Cosmo Seasons #8028
DMC Color Variations #4075 "Wheat Fields"
DMC #90

Green Spoke
Lecien Cosmo Seasons #9005
DMC Color Variations #4050 "Roaming Pastures"
DMC Color Variations #4069 "Margarita"

Blue Spoke
Lecien Cosmo Seasons #9014
DMC Color Variations #4022 "Mediterranean Sea"
DMC Color Variations #4025 "Caribbean Bay"

Indigo Spoke
Lecien Cosmo Seasons #5019
DMC Color Variations #4240 "Midsummer Night"
DMC Color Variations #4245 "Mystical Midnight"

Violet Spoke
Lecien Cosmo Seasons #9019
DMC Color Variations #4250 "Amethyst Ripple"
DMC Color Variations #4215 "Northern Lights"

Once again, that's a lot of information, but it's definitely important. We'll be stitching soon, so get ready!



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