Needle Minder - Handmade Crystal, Silk Velvet, and Beads

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Color - Blue
Park your needle in style on one of these stunning, completely handmade velvet and crystal needle minders! I have individually sewn each crystal and seed bead in a lovely arrangement on hand-dyed velvet. Each needleminder is unique, but I have paid careful attention so that each color family looks as similar as possible. (Some glue has been used for stability.)

**You may choose which color you prefer but the selection of which version of that color of needle minder you receive will be random. I promise they are all beautiful! Please see the photos of all the magnets to note the similarities."

Each crystal needle minder is 1-3/8" across and 3/8" to 1/2" high.

The magnets I've used are VERY strong, so please keep these items away from children and pets, as well as electronics and small electronic devices (hearing aids, pacemakers, etc).

Please see all of the adorable needle minders I offer, including the ones shown in the last three photos.