Embroidery Supplies - now in the shop!

Embroidery Supplies - now in the shop!

Embroidery Supplies - now in the shop!

I’ve stitched enough now to know exactly which supplies I like and why. I’ve taken all the guesswork out of what you’ll need for embroidery, and you can find all of my favorites in the Lolli and Grace Etsy shop now!


A good hoop makes ALL the difference in the world when it comes to how much we enjoy embroidery, and I LOVE THESE HOOPS! They are made from sturdy and smooth Beachwood, with rounded corners so they feel good in your hands. The heavy brass hardware won’t bend, and there’s a slot for a screwdriver so you can easily tighten them without hurting your hands.

Lolli and Grace Wooden Hoops

Needle Minders

They’re not just useful, they’re SUPER FUN, too! I have so many cute needle minders in stock, and I want to use all of them, all of the time, LOL.

Needle minders

Needles, Scissors, Marking Pens, Twill Tape

These basic supplies are the daily tools you need for embroidery or cross stitch, so now you don’t have to get them from multiple, random places – I’ve gathered them all for you in one convenient place.

Chenille needles


Scissors with a leather sheath

Marking Pen

Twill tape

If there are any other embroidery supplies you’d like to see in the shop, just let me know!

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