Lolli and Grace Thread Painting Stitch Along

Lolli and Grace Thread Painting Stitch Along

Lolli and Grace Thread Painting Stitch Along

It’s an understatement to say that I am excited for the latest Lolli and Grace stitch along!

Here are a few things to know about the stitch along:

  • I’m hoping to start it on Friday, June 7th. (I want to make sure everyone who has ordered supply kits has time to get them.)
  • There will be Parts 1-5, each with a separate blog post that will include all the information you need for that section.
  • You DO NOT have to be an experienced stitcher to do this! I will show you how to do everything, including how to prepare your hoop, transfer the pattern, stitch everything, and finish the hoop.
  • There will be video tutorials for each part.
  • The PDF pattern will be included in the information for Part One.
  • (UPDATE - I don't currently have supply kits available, but if you would like one, please contact me and I will put one together for you.) I have a limited number of supply kits available for this design. The kit includes PRE-PRINTED fabric (yay!), 13 skeins of DMC thread, and a needle. (It does NOT include the hoop or any backing material).
Stitch Along Supply Kit

Supplies You Will Need

Here’s a list of everything you’ll need for this project, so that you can have everything assembled before we start Part One. (If you ordered a supply kit from me, you will only need some of the items listed below.)

-1/4 yard white 100% cotton fabric – Kona cotton or Moda Bella solids recommended. (You do NOT need faric if you purchased a supply kit.)

-6″ embroidery hoop

-1-1/2 yards of 1/2″ wide cotton twill tape (for wrapping the inner hoop so fabric stays tight)

-DMC stranded embroidery thread in these colors (you do not need to purchase thread if you ordered a supply kit):

  • 605 Cranberry Very Light
  • 602 Cranberry Medium
  • 600 Cranberry Very Dark
  • 726 Topaz Light
  • 728 Golden Yellow
  • 3853 Autumn Gold Dark
  • 720 Orange Spice Dark
  • 3761 Sky Blue Light
  • 3810 Turquoise Dark
  • 3808 Turquoise Ultra Very Dark
  • 166 Lime Green
  • 470 Avocado Green Light
  • 310 Black

-#24 or #26 chenille needle (one needle is included if you purchased a supply kit)

-Frixion “erasable” gel pen – size .07, any color is fine. (You do not need this if you ordered a supply kit.)

-7″ square of felt for hoop backing

-Hot glue gun (for adhering twill tape to hoop)

-Invisible tape (for taping pattern to back of fabric for tracing)

So gather up your supplies, because this is going to be fun!

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