Lovely Delia - New Wool Felt Doll Pattern

Lovely Delia - New Wool Felt Doll Pattern

Lovely Delia - New Wool Felt Doll Pattern

Lolli Dolls Delia 1

The entire time I was working on Ellie, Grace and Rosie, I kept envisioning a doll with a bonnet, pantaloons and little black dancing slippers. That doll had to wait while I finished up my first three dolls, but I finally got to bring her to life. Introducing Delia! You can find the pattern for Delia in my Etsy shop.

Similar to Ellie, Gracie and Rosie, Delia is inspired by illustrations from the 1920s, but this time it’s the drawings of girls in their wind-swept, voluminous skirts, ruffled petticoats and pantaloons and those amazing bonnets that filled my head as I worked on her. I’ve also always loved the amazingly detailed Lenci dolls that were so popular in the 20s – especially their felt clothing and flowers, so those served to guide me as I designed Delia, too.

And the clothes of the Jane Austen era were just so feminine, weren’t they? I had so much fun designing and sewing the clothes for Delia. Along with her dress, the pattern include a blouse, petticoat, pin-tucked pantaloons, shoes and of course, the bonnet. Ahhh, the bonnet. It was challenging to figure out, but I loved working on it! There’s just something about little colorful felt roses that makes me happy.

I hope you fall in love with Delia the way I did. The PDF pattern is available HERE.

Lolli Dolls Delia 2

Lolli Dolls Delia 3

Lolli Dolls Delia 4

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