My favorite fairy tale...

My favorite fairy tale...

My favorite fairy tale...


By far my favorite fairy tale has always been Beauty and the Beast (even way before a certain entertainment conglomerate put their own spin on the story). So it was obvious for me to create Beauty and the Beast dolls. Once again, I turned to my beloved stash of illustrated children’s books from the 1920s for inspiration. These dolls are based on the Margaret Evans Price illustrations from a 1921 book entitled, “Once Upon A Time.” I have adored these illustrations for so long. In fact, when my daughter was born I decorated her room with a lovely Beauty and the Beast print from this same book. Now it’s a favorite of hers, too.

These dolls allowed me to indulge my love for historic costuming, but creating the Beast presented the challenge of coming up with an easy way to make his face three-dimensional. I’m very pleased with the results, and this has laid the groundwork for so many more ideas that are now rattling around in my head. My muse is working overtime these days!

You can purchase the PDF/eBook patterns for Beauty and the Beast in my Etsy shop:

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