Delia - PDF Doll Patterns

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Say hello to Delia!

This listing is for the PDF instructions and patterns for Delia, a 22-inch doll made of 100% wool felt.

There's just so much to love about Delia, from her sparkling turquoise eyes, her ringlet curls and her flower-bedecked bonnet to her lace-trimmed pantaloons and delicate shoes. Delia's face is hand-embroidered, her hair is three-dimensional and her dress, blouse, ruffled petticoat, pin-tucked pantaloons, shoes and bonnet are all removable. Delia's arms and legs are moveable and her hands and feet are posable.

The inspiration for Delia came from those enchanting 1920s Art Deco illustrations of Jane Austen-era girls in their belled skirts, ruffled pantaloons and fancy bonnets, as well as the beautiful felt Lenci dolls from the 1920s and 1930s.

The PDF instructions and patterns for Delia include:

-39 pages of incredibly detailed step-by-step instructions
-7 pages of patterns
-Detailed list of materials and tools along with links to find everything you'll need
-Lots of great information about basic skills such as how to print and transfer patterns, sewing and cutting techniques and much more
-Clear, close-up photographs that accompany each step - you won't have to guess about how to accomplish any of the steps as you complete the doll or her clothing and accessories

The instructions and patterns provide all the information you need to make the doll, her dress, her blouse, a petticoat, pantaloons, her shoes and her amazingly detailed bonnet.


*This listing does not include the doll, felt or supplies.
*All designs are copyrighted by ©Lolli and Grace. Do not be a thief.
*Due to the nature of the PDF format, there are no refunds on instructions/patterns.
*Mass production, file-sharing, resale and/or distribution of pattern pieces, photographs and instructions is expressly prohibited.