Beech Wood Embroidery Hoops - Choose your size

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These high-quality, sturdy beechwood embroidery hoops are a delight to use! They are made of heavy duty wood with rounded edges and substantial brass hardware, so they will hold your fabric tight and feel great in your hands while you stitch. The brass screw has a slot for a screwdriver, so you can get a really tight fit without hurting your hands.

Please note the sizes (and see photos above) - although these are labeled as "4 inch," "6 inch," or "8 inch" hoops, the actual size of the fabric that shows when it is stretched in each hoop is a bit larger:

"4 inch" = 4.125 inches (4-1/8")
"6 inch" = 6.125 inches (6-1/8")
"8 inch" = 8.25 inches (8-1/4")
"8 inch x 5 inch" oval = 8.25 inches x 5.25 inches (8-1/4" x 5-1/4")

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