Finding Color Confidence

Finding Color Confidence

Finding Color Confidence

Hey there fellow color lovers! A while back Xanthe over at Wife-made asked me to give my colorful .02 cents for her fascinating series about color called “Finding Color Confidence.” Not only is the whole series interesting to read, but I love that she started it as an exploration based on her own hesitant confidence about color. Here’s how she explains it:

“I have often felt like there is some secret colour formula that I don’t know about. Or a secret ingredient, which took your colour combos from ‘hmmm…?’ to ‘Mmmmm!’. So I’ve decided, ENOUGH WITH UNCERTAINTY! I wanna know, when I put THIS colour next to THAT one that I’m not making a terrible colour faux pas! It’s time to become friends with Colour!”

Because let’s face…which color to use can sometimes be a bit daunting, regardless of what medium you’re using. Here’s my article:

Finding Color Confidence and Color Psychology with Lolli and Grace

Head on over to Wife-made to read it, and make sure you check out the other artists she interviewed and what they had to say about color. And thank you Xanthe for including me in this amazing (and colorful) conversation!

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