Lolli and Grace Autumn Leaf Stitch Along - Day Four

Lolli and Grace Autumn Leaf Stitch Along - Day Four

Lolli and Grace Autumn Leaf Stitch Along - Day Four

Just a few more steps to complete, and then our Autumn Leaf hoop will be all finished! Today we will add the veins, outline the leaf, stitch the stem and finish the back of the hoop. As before, read all of the instructions below and then be sure to watch the video at the bottom of this post to see how I completed each step.

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Stitch Diagrams

Thread Color

For today’s stitching, we are only going to be using DMC #433 Brown.

Stitching The Leaf Veins

-Use 4 strands of DMC #433 to make long straight stitches for all of the leaf veins. Refer to the pattern to see where to place these stitches if needed.

Outlining The Leaf

-Now you will use THREE strands of #433 instead of four. Use the outline stitch all the way around the outside edge of the leaf. See the video below for information about how to change directions of your outline stitching at the point on each section of the leaf.

Stitching The Stem

-Continue using 3 strands of #433 to stitch the stem.

-Make one line of outline stitches down the length of the stem, then turn your hoop and stitch another line of outline stitching directly up next to the first line of stitching. Then make one more line of outline stitches to finish filling in the stem of the leaf.

Finishing The Back Of The Hoop

-With any color of DMC thread, make a running stitch all along the edge of the excess fabric around the edge of the hoop. Pull the thread to gather the fabric to the back of the hoop and knot the thread securely.

-Place the hoop onto the felt and trace around it. Cut just inside the line you traced onto the felt so that it is slightly smaller than the outside edge of the hoop.

-You can glue the felt to the back of the hoop or you can sew it to the fabric you gathered previously.

Here is the last video for our stitch along, showing how to finish your hoop:

I’ve had such a good time stitching this hoop with you, and I hope you had fun too. Thanks for joining me!

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