Lolli and Grace Autumn Leaf Stitch Along - Day Three

Lolli and Grace Autumn Leaf Stitch Along - Day Three

Lolli and Grace Autumn Leaf Stitch Along - Day Three

In yesterday’s portion of the stitch along we stitched the wreaths that surround the leaf, but now we get to create the really fun part…the leaf itself! There is a video at the bottom of this post that will show you exactly how I created the leaf with all of those pretty colors – be sure to check that out after you read all of the instructions below.

If you missed the first two days of this stitch along, it’s OK! Here’s where you can get caught up:

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Stitch Diagrams


-When stitching the leaf, use all of the colors EXCEPT DMC #433 Brown. There isn’t really a color chart that applies here, because YOU get to decide where you want to put your colors. You can follow the colors I chose, or you can choose your own color placement.

Stitching The Leaf

-As before, use 4 strands of thread for all of the stitching on the leaf.

-Think of each “arm” of the leaf as a separate section. Start working your stitches from near the outside edge of the leaf, angling them towards the center vein. Following the angles of the short veins you traced from the pattern as you stitch, make random short and long stitches in one color. The ends of the stitches along the center vein should all line up, however.

-Then begin adding in a second color, filling in more space on each section of the leaf and blending the second color into the first color.

-Continue filling in stitches with various colors, working your way around the leaf. Continue until the entire leaf is filled in.

Here is today’s video showing you how I stitched the leaf and blended the colors:

Have fun with this part of the pattern – seeing all of those colors building up as I stitch is always fascinating to me!

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