Lolli and Grace Autumn Leaf Stitch Along - Day Two

Lolli and Grace Autumn Leaf Stitch Along - Day Two

Lolli and Grace Autumn Leaf Stitch Along - Day Two

Welcome to Day Two of our stitch along. Today we are going to stitch the remaining three segments of the wreath surrounding our autumn leaf, adding two new stitches to our repertoire – yay! After you read through all of the instructions below you can watch the video for today’s stitching, where I’ll show you how to make each of these two new stitches to complete the wreath.

Click below to see the first post in this stitch along that includes a list of all of the supplies you’ll need, the PDF pattern for you to print and the instructions for stitching the first segment of the wreath:

Autumn Leaf Stitch Along Day One

Stitch Diagrams

Color chart

Stitching The Remaining 3 Branches On The Wreath

-See the color chart above for which DMC threads to use in each area.

-Just as we did yesterday, use 4 strands of embroidery thread to stitch all areas.

-The stems on the remaining three branches are all stitched with the outline stitch, just as the first branch was stitched yesterday.

-On the branch to the right of the leaf, make straight stitches for the small stems and french knots for the berries, also just as you did on the branch we stitched yesterday. However, for these french knots, wrap the needle only one time for each stitch.

-The “leaves” on this branch are made using the daisy stitch. These daisy stitches are long and skinny.

-On the branch above the main leaf, you will also use the daisy stitch to make all of the small leaves. Some of these stitches are shorter and fatter, and some are very tiny.

-For the branch at the bottom center of the hoop, use the pearly leaf stitch.

And here is the video showing how to finish up the wreath on our stitch along:

Be sure to join us in the next post, where we will begin stitching the center leaf.

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