"Grow" Stitch Along - Supply List And Schedule

"Grow" Stitch Along - Supply List And Schedule

"Grow" Stitch Along - Supply List And Schedule

The "Grow" stitch along for plant lovers is starting soon, so it's time to mark your calendars as we get ready to stitch!
Lolli and Grace Grow stitch along
If you are looking for general information about this stitch along, click here:
Lolli and Grace Grow Stitch Along Info

In today's post there are two important details for you below...a supply list and dates for the stitch along. First, let's talk about the schedule.

"Grow" Stitch Along Schedule

• There will be Four parts to this stitch along (and a Part Zero, too).

• The stitch along will "officially" start on Saturday, August 12th. However, there will be a Part Zero that will be published on Saturday, August 5th. Part Zero will explain how to transfer the design onto the fabric if you did not purchase a supply kit or a pre-printed fabric panel. So here's the complete schedule:

• Part One - Saturday, August 12th

• Part Two - Saturday, August 19th

• Part Three - Saturday, August 26th

• Part Four -Saturday, September 2nd 

Remember - once they've been published, all four parts will stay on the blog for the duration of the Stitch Along and for a short while after it finishes. So if you don't finish your hoop while the SAL is running, don't panic! At some point after the SAL is over, I will remove everything from the blog and it will all be available in the Lolli and Grace shop. Therefore, if it's going to be a while before you're able to finish it, you are welcome to print out the instructions and patterns for your personal use later.

Supply List

Want to purchase a Grow Supply Kit that includes everything you need for this SAL instead of gathering your own supplies? I got you covered (assuming they haven't sold out). Click on the link below to get one:

Complete Grow Stitch Along Supply Kit

If you want to purchase just the pre-printed fabric panel, click this link:
Grow Pre-printed Fabric Panel

However, if you are not purchasing a supply kit or fabric panel and want to transfer the design onto your own fabric, you'll need to purchase the PDF line drawing. There will be detailed instructions in the Part Zero video tutorial about how to do this. You can purchase the PDF line drawing by clicking on the link below:
Grow PDF Line Drawing

If you are gathering all of your own supplies, here is what you will need to complete this hoop. Everything that is highlighted is an active link that you can click on to purchase that product:

• 8” embroidery hoop

• Cotton twill tape (optional but very helpful - for wrapping your hoop to keep fabric tight)

 Fat square (18" x 22") 100% cotton Kona "Pool" fabric

• Frixion gel pen

 #26 chenille needle

• DMC 6-stranded embroidery floss (see color list below)

• 9" square of polyester felt for hoop backing

DMC Embroidery Thread Colors

• White (Blanc)

• #602 Cranberry Medium

• #604 Cranberry Light

• #700 Green Bright

• #702 Kelly Green

• #720 Orange Spice Dark

• #907 Parrot Green Light

• #3818 Emerald Green Ultra Very Dark

• #3853 Autumn Gold Dark

I hope you're excited for the SAL, because I know I sure am!

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