"Grow" Stitch Along - Part Zero: How To Transfer The Design Onto Your Fabric

"Grow" Stitch Along - Part Zero: How To Transfer The Design Onto Your Fabric

"Grow" Stitch Along - Part Zero: How To Transfer The Design Onto Your Fabric

Welcome to the (unofficial) start of Grow: A Lolli and Grace Stitch Along!

If you need the basic info for how this all works, click this link:
Grow Stitch Along Basic Information

If you'd like to purchase a complete supply kit for this design, click below:
Complete supply kit for the Grow Stitch Along

To purchase the pre-printed fabric only, click here:
Pre-printed fabric panel for the Grow Stitch Along

To purchase the PDF line drawing only, click here:
PDF line drawing for the Grow Stitch Along

If you need the supply list and/or the schedule for the SAL, click the link below:
Grow Stitch Along Supply List And Schedule

Part Zero
In this part I will show you how to transfer the design (the PDF line drawing you purchased) onto your fabric. If you purchased a supply kit or the printed fabric panel, you can skip this part. (However, if you want to learn how to transfer an embroidery design for any future projects, you are absolutely welcome to watch this video!) But first, here's a brief explanation of how each of these stitch along posts will work. Please read all of the info below before heading over to the instructions for Part Zero.

• Each blog post will have a link to a Google Drive folder with all of the PDF instructions that have been published so far. Each of those PDFs will have written instructions, photos, color charts, and a link to the corresponding video tutorial. (The link for Part Zero is at the end of this post.) Most of the previous Lolli and Grace stitch alongs (except for the Autumn Fox) had everything typed out in each post, but having it all contained in one PDF makes it easier for you to access the info you need as you are stitching.

• Whether you're on a Mac or a PC, you should have the ability open and read PDFs without having to install a PDF reader. On a Mac the default program is Preview, and on a PC you can use Edge or Chrome. If you have Adobe Acrobat DC installed, you can of course use that as well.

• I love seeing everyone's progress, so please follow me and tag me (@lolliandgrace) on Instagram! I'll be sharing lots of your progress photos, and it is honestly so cool to see all the neat ways you all make these designs your own, whether you're following the pattern exactly as shown or putting your own creative touches on it. 

Click the link below to get the PDF instructions for Part Zero:
Grow Stitch Along - PDF Instructions for Part Zero

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