Lolli & Grace Interview On

Lolli & Grace Interview On

Lolli & Grace Interview On

Recently Mollie Johanson, the embroidery editor at, interviewed me about my style, my inspiration and all things stitchy. She came up with some really fun and interesting questions, and I had a great time answering them!

You can see my interview on by clicking HERE. And while you’re there, you can see all of the other wonderful and informative articles Mollie has written. There is a wealth of information, helpful tips, free patterns and so much more to be found there! A few of my favorite articles are:

15 DIY Travel and Organizing Kits for Your Embroidery

6 Embroidery Stitch Combinations

Ice Cream Cone Mandala Free Embroidery Pattern

Mollie herself is an accomplished stitcher and artist, with a lovely blog called Wild Olive. I get happily lost in all of her irresistible designs when I scroll through it. Her book “Stitch Love: Sweet Creatures Big & Small: Cute Kitties and Cows and Cubs and More…and a Yeti” is filled with the most wonderful patterns. And that title – how can you resist a making a little felt Yeti?


Mollie’s Instagram is a fun and funny collection of the goodness that is Mollie. I highly recommend following her there for her witty posts, lovely stitching and slices of real life.

My thanks to Mollie for inviting to be a part of!

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