New pattern available - Home Sweet Home

New pattern available - Home Sweet Home

New pattern available - Home Sweet Home

I have a new pattern in the shop, and I’m really excited about this one! I’ve wanted to make a “Home Sweet Home” design for a while now. And can I just say I love that this “old-fashioned” sentiment is popular again?

This 8-inch hoop is filled with so many interesting things to stitch. Along with the chain stitch and blended satin stitching, there are also 3-dimensional flowers that incorporate what I call the “fringe stitch.” (It’s actually turkey work or the ghiordes knot, but “fringe stitch” is just more fun to say, right?)

And if you’re thinking all of that is too complicated for you, no worries – as in all of my patterns, there are diagrams, step-by-step photos and lots of clear instructions for how to complete each area of this pattern. But in order to help you even more, I’ve made a video showing you exactly how to complete the fringe stitch. You can find it on the Lolli and Grace Youtube channel, or watch it right here:

You can purchase the instant download PDF pattern by clicking HERE:

“Home Sweet Home” PDF pattern by Lolli and Grace

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